Auxtron: What are we! We are Vibrant, Energetic, Bold & Ambitious Youth Focussed New Generation Brand aiming to be first choice for Lifestyle needs of Indian customers in segments of Audio, Health and Fitness & Security.

What started as small steps is now a Marathon in which Auxtron aims to bring High End Cutting Edge Technology in every aspect in life of a Modern day Indian with focus on AIRS: Affordability, Innovation, Reliability & Style. We are on a mission to be the Industry trendsetters with our premium quality yet affordable range of Earphones, Bluetooth Speakers, Smart Watches, Doorbell Cameras, Video Door Phone & Smartwatches.

Collaboration with Auxtron comes with a set of deliverables. On completion of the deliverables, you become eligible for future product releases of Auxtron. Before we move forward, please go through the Terms and Conditions of the collaboration (mentioned below) and fill the form given at the end of the page.

Responsibilities and commitments of the Affiliate

  1. It is to the Affiliate full knowledge and consent that the company products (including but not limited to the review unit) are property of the company and the company holds the final right/authority on the product being provided to the Affiliate.
  2. It is to the Affiliate full knowledge and consent that any of the Affiliate’s public opinions in the instance of a paid (in cash / kind )  Affiliate collaboration (on any of his/her social/physical media channels ) on the review unit must go out only after consent of the company.
  3. Review unit (or any part of the package) being provided to the Affiliate is not for resale.
  4. It is to the Affiliate consent and full knowledge that they must complete all deliverables mentioned in Schedule A, send the same to the company and that the company may use the same as it deems fit.

Responsibilities and commitments of the company

  1. The company shall at its own discretion provide the review unit to the Affiliate, at its own cost for his/her own use for the purpose as defined in Schedule A. Post successful completion of the checklist ( Schedule A ) the company may allow the Affiliate to keep the review unit for further usage .
  2. The company shall provide complete instructions and details about the products and their usage/maintenance which are being sent to the Affiliate.
  3. The company shall provide at its own discretion information about the upcoming product launches to the Affiliate and shall send the same in future for review.

Termination of this agreement

The company, at any point at its own will, can terminate this agreement and the Affiliate must on immediate basis return the product back (at his/her own cost ) to the company and should the company specify – remove specific / all and any digital/physical content about the review unit or the company. In case Company does not specify removal of any old content for which company has already collaborated with Affiliate, any such content should not be removed/altered/edited/tampered without clear approval from the Company. Post successful removal of all specified content, the company shall provide a NOC to the Affiliate.
In the event of termination of this agreement, if the Affiliate does not do the above as mentioned, then he/she becomes liable for penalty equivalent but not limited to the MRP of the product and defamation charges in the respective courts of New Delhi.


Deliverables will be communicated personally by our Affiliate outreach team.

Why the agreement?

This is a one-time verification process to get Affiliates on-board. Once verified, you become eligible for future product releases of Auxtron.

Affiliate Collaboration Form Details

    Please upload your Govt Approved ID for one-time verification process (Driving License/PAN Card/Aadhar Card)

    Agree to the Above Terms & Conditions