Auxtron Dash Camera for Car

The best use case for a dashboard camera in your vehicle is probably video evidence for an accident. The best reason to buy a dash cam however is to shoot video of all the things you can’t take pictures of while keeping your hands at ten and two while driving car.

The Auxtron Dash Cam, shortly to be a Kickstarter success, offers both these options through one of the most advanced high definition lenses on the market.

Dash cameras are popular all over the world. In Russia there is rarely a car without a dash cam. Corruption and lax law enforcement make it a necessity. We all know how exciting those videos can be. Meanwhile, Switzerland warns that dash cams should not be used in public places due to privacy laws, regardless of the growth in popularity. Then of course, there are the Vloggers who Vlog while driving or parked.

These Vloggers love cameras like the Auxtron EagleEye Car Dash Camera. It rotates 360 degrees to shoot video of your face or family, singing whatever songs people sing in the car on road trips to the 1960s. No more Vlogging from the back of the bus kids, now you can do it while stuck in traffic. Just remember to keep your eyes on the road.

The Auxtron dash cam has a couple features that one would especially look for in a dash camera. 170 degree field of vision, Night Vision with WDR gives High Definition Image, Built-in Motion Sensor and it is always recording and auto-saves footage of sudden braking and impact. The Auxtron dash cam can also record while your car is parked, thanks to an included battery pack that plugs into the cigarette lighter. I’m not calling it a charging port. It’s a cigarette lighter. Parking Mode triggered by the G-sensor can be considered as a sentry, recording any motion and significant impact happen around your car.

As far as video quality, the Camera has High Resolution Full HD 1920*1080P @30fps Front & 1280*720P Back Camera. Based on test videos from Auxtron , it shoots pretty damn good at night, which is rare for any camera. This is especially due to A+ Grade lens which at 30fps high speed video recording captures fast moving scenes and creates high resolution images in high speed.

The Auxtron dash cam is loaded with a Galaxy Core GC2023 image sensor, G-Sensor:3D Crash Detection, Loop Recording, Parking Monitor, Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), High Dynamic Range Imaging & Superior Night Vision. It can store upto 32 GB. So you get pretty crisp video as long as your windshield isn’t as dirty as mine.

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